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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning your Home

Make no Make no mistake – it’s certainly possible to clean your house in 2 hours or less, but only if you do it right. Below we have listed 5 mistakes to avoid to maintain a cleaner home.

Leaving Cleaning for the Last Minute

Cleaning to most people is like a boring chore that just needs to be done. Yet, the more they postpone it, the more difficult it gets. Try to maintain a clean, tidy living environment by simply controlling the mess. You can tidy up as you go, wash the dishes after each meal and don’t let clutter build up. A few minutes of cleaning can make your life much easier.

Using the Same Rag

This is one of the most common house cleaning mistakes. No matter how many times you wash a cleaning rug that you’ve already used, it collects dirt and grime from other surfaces and spreads it all around your home. Gross! Can you imagine what happens when you use the same rag in the bathroom and kitchen? A better solution is having several microfiber cloths for each room to avoid the spread of germs.

Using Too Many Cleaning Products

Mixing several cleaning solutions not only unnecessary but also extremely dangerous. Such a mixture of chemicals will damage your surfaces. You also don't want you or your family exposed to hazardous fumes that can damage your health.

Spraying a Cleaning Solution onto a Surface

It may seem normal to spay a cleaning product onto a surface in your home but its not really the best solution. Although it seems like a practical way to clean your home, spraying a cleaning product directly on a surface can cause damage to delicate surfaces. Spraying a cleaning solution onto a cloth and then wiping surfaces, such as wood, vinyl, and porcelain, is a much better option. Try to get all residue off of the surface.

Forgetting to Clean the Vacuum

Don't forget to clean your vacuum and change the filter! Dirty vacuum filters leave you with a vacuum that won't effectively clean your home. Instead of keeping your home looking spotless, a vacuum cleaner that's full will blow dust and dirt back into the air in your home. Always make sure to empty your filters regularly and wiper your vacuum and its attachments with a cloth.

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